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To be eligible for membership, and participate in any and all legal representation provided by the dues paying members of this organization, you MUST:

    a)  Be Retired from the City of Allen Park, Michigan

    b)  Make written application for membership by joining this website and completing the short profile and email verification process

    c)  Pay all membership dues as established by the Allen Park Retiree's Association Board of Directors and

     d) Each member must pay all assessments.  (There have been four separate $200.00 assessments, to date, all approved by the general membership)

Currently the annual dues are $15.00 and are payable each year In January.
Checks should be made out to the Allen Park Retirees Association and mailed to TREASURER, 14921 College, Allen Park  Michigan 48101.

Current employees of the City of Allen Park are also encouraged to join the website and support the fight to protect and preserve retiree benefits. Our present is your future!  The battles we fight and win today, will benefit you and your families in the years to come. Donations are appreciated in any amount.  Both dues and donations are 100% tax deductible. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Unless you are a member of this organization, in good standing, you will NOT be a part of this lawsuit.  You will NOT benefit from, nor be entitled to, any relief granted to the membership of this organization by any Court.  

If you are experiencing a financial hardship please contact Dale Covert or Colleen Peters.  It is not the intent of this association to preclude anybody from membership. 



The biggest reason is this;  what ever happens to us, in court, will be imposed upon you at some time in the future. In short what happens to us will happen to you.  

If you, or a family member, receives, or will receive, any type of governmental pension or benefits you will feel the effect of our court case.  This includes teachers, employees of the State of Michgian, employees of any county or municipality in Michigan, and anybody else who works for a governemental unit within the State of Michigan.  We believe once the public sector has been "conquered' this will start to trickle down and infiltrate the private sector.  WE simply cannot allow any of this to happen.

All of our futures are at stake here.  Please contibute what you can to stop this oprression of retirees.  Please send donations to APRA 14921 College Allen Park, MI  48101.  APRA is a non-profit organization, which means your dontions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.